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The hazards of making a “true story” feature film about an iconic figure of the recent past was underlined over the weekend when one the persons depicted in 42, the Jackie Robinson biopic, took issue with a key scene in the film. In the scene, Robinson, played by newcomer Chadwick Boseman, is seen crossing home plate and shaking hands with two teammates following his first home run in professional baseball. In reality, however, only one player greeted him, outfielder George Shuba, and the moment was captured in a photograph that many baseball aficionados would easily recognize. It’s posted on Shuba’s own website, <> which touts: “Get the real story on ‘A Handshake for the Century’.” In an interview with, Shuba commented, “I just wish they would have portrayed it correctly — April 18, 1946 — when I shook hands with Jackie as he crossed home plate in his first home run ever.” Shuba’s son added, “The producers should have done their research. Jackie was scared none of his teammates would shake his hands in public. That was a very historic moment that they eliminated.” The latest brouhaha comes just days after the daughter of pitcher Fritz Ostermueller denied that he ever threw a ball at Robinson’s head, as he is seen doing in a key scene in the movie.