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The finale of the Eurovision 2013 talent contest, staged this year in Malmö, Sweden, attracted an audience of about 125 million. Rarely has the contest launched the career of a new performer (although several used-to-bes regularly are selected as contestants), and it is often roundly lampooned on comedy shows throughout Europe. This year’s winner was 20-year-old Emmelie deForest of Denmark. (A writer for Britain’s Inquisitr website posted a video of deForest’s performance of “Only Teardrops” with the advice: “I strongly suggest you give it a listen with your sound turned off.” In the U.K., the Eurovision Song Contest was beaten in the ratings by Britain’s Got Talent. (BGT 8.8 million viewers; Eurovision: 7.7 million) during the 45 minutes that the two shows overlapped. In Germany, 8 million viewers tuned in to the contest and it averaged 4.9 million, 65 percent of all TV viewers, in the Netherlands, with 5.9 million watching the performance of Anouk, the country’s contender.