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Rarely has a second-place finisher at the box office received as much attention as The Great Gatsby has this week. Final box office figures put its domestic total at $50.1 million, well above the $35-40 million that analysts had predicted it would earn. Entertainment Weekly pointed out that it was the third best opening weekend ever for a film that didn’t hit No. 1. The film had to compete with the second week of Iron Man 3, which opened last week with the second-biggest domestic gross in history and fell about 60 percent to $72.5 million, putting its domestic total at $284.9 million. Next week both films face Star Trek Into Darkness, but Gatsby is still expected to play well to its target audience, women above the age of 25. The solid box-office result for Gatsby may have been lifted by the 3D surcharge, but not by much. Only a third of the movie’s gross came from theaters showing it in 3D (versus 46 percent for Iron Man 3), the Los Angeles Times reported. A survey indicated that older moviegoers preferred watching the movie in 2D, while younger ones preferred 3D. Despite this weekend’s outstanding results for Iron Man 3 and Gatsby, they paled in comparison with those for the same week a year ago, which were nearly 7 percent higher, thanks mostly to the $103.1 million taken in then by the second week of The Avengers. (Dark Shadows opened that week with $30 million). Revenue and attendance for 2013 are currently both down 12 percent from 2012.

The top ten films over the weekend, according to final figures compiled by Box Office Mojo (figures in parentheses represent total gross to date):

1. Iron Man 3, Disney, $72,525,615, 2 Wks. ($284,946,699); 2. The Great Gatsby, Warner Bros., $50,085,184, (New); 3. Pain & Gain, Paramount, $5,001,029, 3 Wks. ($41,609,229); 4. Tyler Perry Presents: Peeples, Lionsgate, $4,611,534, (New); 5. 42, Warner Bros., $4,588,209, 5 Wks. ($84,670,088); 6. Oblivion, Universal, $4,114,665, 4 Wks. ($81,906,280); 7. The Croods, Fox, $3,609,028, 8 Wks. ($173,224,505); 8. Mud, Roadside Attractions, $2,535,642, 3 Wks. ($8,555,621); 9. The Big Wedding, Lionsgate, $2,490,362, 3 Wks. ($18,278,053); 10. Oz The Great and Powerful, Disney, $1,078,233, 10 Wks. ($230,260,553).