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In an age when DVRs allow viewers to skip ads and when mobile devices like smartphones and tablets get a workout during commercial breaks, writes BTIG analyst Richard Greenberg, the TV industry should “realize that the 30-second spot is not what consumers want and if they really want to connect with consumers they need to offer far more compelling ads (content) going well beyond 30-seconds in length?” In a note to clients, Greenberg noted that a recent McDonald’s “Fish McBites” commercial lasting 30 seconds proved to be an online bust with only 6,000 views. However, a commercial lasting three minutes and twenty-eight seconds has already been watched 8 million times. (The ad feature’s McDonald’s managers answering the question, “Why your food looks different in the advertising than what is in the store.”) Greenfield points out that all ten of the most-watched ads on the Internet last month were longer than 60 seconds. One for the Samsung Galaxy lasted four minutes and 24 seconds.