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The future of television and the Internet may be super-high-speed delivery systems like Google Fiber, New York-based Bernstein Research said today (Monday) as it detailed results of a survey of 204 residents in Kansas City. The Google system not only offers broadband speeds that are many times faster than cable but also multiple wi-fi boxes in the home aimed at achieving better coverage. “Google is clearly trying to offer something different,” said Bernstein. In the Kansas City roll-out, 98 percent of the residents polled were aware of Google Fiber. Of those, 52 percent they would “definitely or probably” sign up for it, while another 25 percent said that they might purchase it. Only 19 percent said they would “definitely not” or probably not buy the service. While Google Fiber bundles traditional television and Internet services, it does not include telephone service in the package, but Bernstein said that it does not believe that consumers will decline to switch to the service because of the lack of telephone service.