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With overseas grosses often accounting for as much as 80 percent of a film’s worldwide gross, movies, especially the big blockbusters, will increasingly make their debuts abroad before hitting the domestic market, a reversal of traditional distribution, CBS News observed on Monday. Some box office observers claim that an overseas launch ahead of North America can often hype ticket sales domestically. “It builds excitement,” box-office analyst Paul Dergarabedian told CBS News. “News of blockbuster returns overseas only serve to raise awareness and excitement in North America and as such I believe lead to bigger returns once the film lands stateside,” said Dergarabedian, citing last year’s The Avengers and this year’s Iron Man 3 as examples of that phenomenon. He also indicated that such a release schedule also reduces piracy abroad, since a film is more likely to be downloaded illegally if it’s not available locally. Of course, the reverse is also true — that when a blockbuster debuts overseas first, camcorded copies are likely to become available via BitTorrent in North America within hours after the film’s premiere.