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Talk-show bookers were scrambling today (Tuesday) to land interviews with the three Cleveland women who disappeared about ten years ago and were found alive and rescued by a neighbor Monday night. “For TV news bookers, particularly those on the network morning shows, it is a dream come true,” commented as it reported on the competition among the networks to be the first with interviews with Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, as well as Charles Ramsey, the man who rescued them. The website quoted an unnamed morning show source as saying that “the race is on” to try to book the girls and Ramsey. Ramsey has already given a number of TV news interviews, describing how he was eating a MacDonald’s meal when he heard screams coming from the house and sprang into action. “We see this dude every day,” he said in one interview, referring to Ariel Castro, the man accused of abducting the three women. “I barbecue with this dude, we eat ribs and whatnot and listen to salsa. I had not a clue that that girl was in that house or anybody else was in there against their will.” Then, after describing Castro’s activities, Ramsey added, “You got some big testicles to pull this off, bro.” TVNewser suggested that stations might want to require a seven-second delay if they wnt to put him on the air live.