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Arrested Development may have been kicked off the air in 2006 after three seasons because of low ratings, but its online resurrection via Netflix Sunday night may have given the streaming service its most-watched hit yet. Procera, a company that measures online usage, indicated that many ISPs were nearly overloaded by Arrested Development fans, 10 percent of whom watched all 15 episodes in an all-day/night binge. But clearly some of those fans came away disappointed. One of them, David Pierce, senior reviews editor at, wrote that he had “been waiting for Arrested Development to arrive on Netflix for months. Years, even.” For him, it was a forlorn wait, he indicated. “I hated season four from the second it started,” he wrote, although he explains that his hatred extended pretty much to the first three episodes. “The seventh episode … is where season four finally rises to Arrested Development standards.” Sadie Gennis at indicated that she was glad she watched all of the episodes at one sitting because she doubts she would have continued to watch following the first ones. “I hurts me to write this. It honestly does. I wanted to love Season 4 as much as I loved the first three, but I’d be lying to myself (and to you) if I ignored its weaknesses,” she commented. But with Episode 7, she added, “Arrested hit its stride.” Chuck Barney in the Contra Costa Times wrote: “When Arrested Development is at its best, it comes off like a lightning round of hilarity that can leave you breathless. Unfortunately, there are stretches in this new batch of episodes that feel more flabby than snappy, and there are some lulls that leave you downright fatigued.” Some analysts blamed the mixed reviews for a slump in Netflix shares on Tuesday (as if the volatile stock hasn’t regularly been hit with similar downturns in the past). What might be of greater concern is a report by, which tracks BitTorrent use, that around 100,000 people downloaded bootleg copies of Arrested Development within 24 hours after it went online.