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On the second anniversary of his ascension to the anchor’s chair at the CBS Evening News, Scott Pelley paid his NBC rival Brian Williams a lefthanded compliment. In an interview with, Pelley said, “Brian Williams does a terrific news broadcast. It has only one problem, and that is that ours is better.” Pelley’s newscast also has a problem — ratings that are significantly lower than those of his NBC and ABC rivals, although the newscast has improved considerably since he took over from Katie Couric on June 6, 2011. Pelley focuses on the fact that ratings for his newscast improved by 8 percent from a year ago during the May sweeps. “Who would have predicted that the CBS Evening News would add a million viewers over the last few years — we’ve been losing viewers for decades. [But with] so much bad information floating around everywhere, particularly in social media, I think that people are looking for a 30-minute encapsulation of the most important things that happened in the world, with a brand that they know that they can trust.”