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Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained has turned out to be a flop in China, one of the few places — if not the only place — where it has not been a major box-office success. Since May 12, it has reportedly earned just $2.75 million. Blame Chinese censors, say several China watchers. Several violent scenes in the movie were trimmed or deleted to satisfy demands of authorities, significantly reducing the impact of the film’s take on American slavery. The cuts, said today’s (Wednesday) Los Angeles Times, “neutered” the film. Chinese film expert Stanley Rosen told the Times that word of mouth about the film “was brutal in terms of criticizing authorities” for requiring the cuts. “Fans of Tarantino weren’t going to give the censors their money by showing up,” he said. Indeed, those fans may have scooped up unedited pirated versions of the movie.