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British TV psychic Sally Morgan has agreed to accept £125,000 (about $190,000) and an apology from the London Daily Mail for a story it published in 2011 alleging that she had used a hidden earpiece during a performance in Dublin to get information about people in the audience who had asked her questions about friends and relatives “in the spirit world.” The article had been written by a professional magician, Paul Zenon. Morgan, who claims that she is able to “see and hear dead people,” has hosted a number of British television shows. The American magician James Randi has offered her $1 million to prove that her powers are real in a test “based on the same routine she performs every time she takes the stage: looking at photographs of deceased persons and communicating with their spirits to learn their names.” Morgan reportedly turned down the offer. Randi concluded, “When a celebrity ‘psychic’ spends so much time and money trying to quash reports of fraud and silence people who question her claimed abilities … yet turns down a $1 million opportunity in order to avoid a simple test that could prove she’s on the up-and-up, it makes one wonder if even Sally Morgan believes that Sally Morgan’s powers are real.”