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Anyone who has ever worked for a software company has probably dreamed at one time or another about getting a job at Google, which has managed to make virtually every list of best places on earth to work. Those dreamers are likely to form a core group of moviegoers who will turn out to see The Internship, starring Wedding Crashers buddies Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. For everyone else it will probably be an iffy proposition. “The Internship is a big wet kiss to Google wrapped in a buddy comedy that asks us to believe that nobody over 40 knows anything about computers or the online universe,” is the way Linda Barnard describes it in the Toronto Star. To Steven Rea in the Philadelphia Inquirer it amounts to “this Google-recruitment film, this 119-minute commercial for Googliness.” Chris Vognar in the Dallas Morning News calls it “a feature-length chunk of product placement masquerading as a comedy” And Ty Burr in the Boston Globe concludes: “Here’s why Google is so successful: It’s figured out a way for Twentieth Century Fox to make a two-hour Google commercial disguised as a summer comedy.” But Kyle Smith in the New York Post wonders whether Google even needs such a recruiting commercial. “Can there be any person smart enough to work at Google, though, who hasn’t already heard of it?” he asks. “It seems more likely that a dumb movie will lead only to a time-wasting surge in applications from dummies. Maybe The Internship was secretly funded by Bing.”