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Two weeks before Rupert Murdoch’s decision to split News Corp into two entities — one to include his entertainment properties and another his newspaper and publishing ones — takes effect, he has decided on a personal split-up; he has filed to divorce his wife of 14 years, Wendi Deng, saying in a court document that the marriage “has broken down irretrievably.” The news was first reported by Nikki Finke’s Deadline.com and later confirmed by a News Corp spokesman. In reporting on the surprising breakup, the London Daily Telegraph in its lede commented that Murdoch appeared to be “adding personal turmoil to the most turbulent era in the billionaire media tycoon’s 60-year career.” Deng has frequently been at her husband’s side at public appearances and made headlines when she intervened as a protester attempted to hit the media mogul with a pie as he testified at a parliamentary hearing into his newspapers’ phone hacking two years ago. However, recent news reports have indicated that the two were leading separate lives. The Telegraph also observed that BBC Business Editor Robert Peston added “intrigue” to the news, when he tweeted Thursday night: “Am also told that undisclosed reasons for Murdoch divorcing Deng are jaw-dropping.” Later, Murdoch’s official biographer Michael Wolff (The Man Who Owns the News) tweeted: “I’m hearing the WHY, the big reveal, the scandal details, could come tomorrow.” In a column for the Guardian, he observed, “Wendi knows all [of] Murdoch’s secrets. All of them.” Although Deng is regarded as a key player in News Corp’s operations in China, sources at the company told the Guardian that the divorce would have no impact on its business.