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A Nielsen Media Research survey released on Tuesday suggested that, as the Los Angeles Times put it in a headline today (Wednesday), “TV Audience for NBA Finals Was More Diverse Than a Decade Ago.” The survey found that the number of whites watching the NBA finals was down 17 percent from 2003. And in just the past year, the number of Latino viewers was up 31 percent. However, it seems unlikely that the figures suggest a more diverse audience for basketball in general. What the study neglects to point out — at least so the Times story seems to suggest — is that Miami and San Antonio, whose teams battled each other in the Finals, are the only two cities in the United States in which the Hispanic population is larger than the white. In Miami, the final game drew a 46.4 rating in San Antonio and a 44.2 rating in Miami. (Nationally, it registered a 15.3 rating.)