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After being detained for 11 hours at an Istanbul prison, two reporters for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation were released by Turkish police today (Thursday) after one of the reporters, Sasa Petricic, got out a one-word message on Twitter: “Arrested.” “That was the only way that I could figure to get the news out that in fact the police had us,” Petricic told the CBC later. “And to get, I guess, something rolling, some ball rolling to try to get someone at least to know where we were, but also to try to intervene on our behalf.” Fellow CBC correspondent Derek Stoffel that others being held at the prison included men who had been charged with throwing rocks at the police who were attempting to break up an anti-government demonstrations and also some who were “simply bringing food to protesters.” Meanwhile, observed that despite spectacular coverage of the violence in Istanbul, in which TV reporters donned gas masks as police fired tear-gas grenades into the crowd, audiences seemed disinterested. CNN saw some of its lowest ratings among the key 18-49 age group since 2006. Its average audience was down 60 percent versus its average for the quarter.