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Forget about the war against zombies; it’s the war against monsters that Paramount executives will be worrying about this weekend. The studio’s World War Z, which some believe is the most expensive movie ever produced, will be going up against the latest Disney/Pixar animated feature, Monsters University, a sequel (or prequel) to 2001’s Monsters Inc. The family film, which is being released as school lets out for summer in many parts of the country, is expected to pull in $75-80 million, while the thriller, which stars Brad Pitt, will likely wind up with around $50-55 million. That’s also about what the second week of Man of Steel is expected to earn, but analysts give World War Z a slight edge to place second at the box office. (Daily Variety estimated that the disaster movie will earn around $40 million, noting that “never before have three films earned more than $50 million each during a non-holiday” weekend.) Most reports suggest that the movie cost $250-300 million to make, but widespread scuttlebutt in Hollywood is that with numerous revisions and reshoots the film ended up costing nearly $400 million and that there is virtually no chance that Paramount will be able to recoup its costs.