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In a scheme contrived to defraud the British government out of millions of pounds, U.K. producer/director Richard Driscoll set up a production company to film a 3D movie starring Daryl Hannah, Michael Madsen, Steve Guttenberg and David Carradine that he claimed cost $13.8 million to make, then sought to recoup $2.3 million in taxes by falsifying invoices for the film, a British court ruled on Wednesday. The film, titled Eldorado, actually cost less than $1.5 million to make and went straight to DVD. Paul Barton, assistant director of Criminal Investigation at Britain’s tax authority, the HMRC, said in a statement: “Driscoll knew that he was breaking the law, yet chose to overlook it for the opportunity of making what he wrongly assumed would be easy money, at the expense of the U.K. taxpayer.” He was handed a five-year prison sentence.