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The HBO gang drama The Sopranos has been named the best-written U.S. TV series in history in a list of the top 101 shows selected by the Writers Guild of America. Seinfeld ranked No. 2. The so-called Golden Age of Television was given short shrift in the voting. The Twilight Zone was the only show produced prior to the 1970’s that made the top ten, and about half the shows on the list were produced during the past decade. (That is a typical result for such best-of voting, especially when the content being voted on is older than the memories of the voters. When in 2004 the American Film Institute released its “100 Years … 100 Songs,” a tribute to songs written for the movies, Rogers and Hammerstein’s critically praised songs for State Fair, their only musical written for the screen, never made the list, probably because the movie — or “movies,” since it was originally produced in 1945, then remade in 1962 — had received little TV exposure since.) The top ten shows on the list: 1. The Sopranos ; 2. Seinfeld; 3. The Twilight Zone ; 4. All In The Family; 5. M*A*S*H; 6. The Mary Tyler Moore Show; 7. Mad Men; 8. Cheers; 9. The Wire; 10. The West Wing.