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Terrence Malick’s Voyage of Time has become too long a voyage for one of its investors, Seven Seas Partnership, which reportedly has sunk $3 million into the film and claims that Malick has given them no indication about when it will be completed. According to the investors, years have now passed since they handed Malick the $3 million for the production, and they have since received little indication of when it will be completed. They have voiced their suspicion that their money was used for other Malick movies, including The Tree of Life, To the Wonder and Knight of Cups. The notoriously reclusive Malick did not respond to Seven Seas Partnership’s complaint, but Sycamore Pictures, which Malick owns, issued a statement from its attorneys saying, “The film was on budget, on schedule, and all funds were used appropriately. Additionally, Seven Seas’ decision to file this lawsuit under the cover of darkness and go public with accusations before presenting Sycamore with a copy of the suit itself speaks to the weakness of the allegations.”