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Broadcasters have lost another round against the Barry Diller-backed Aereo service, which picks up their signals over the air on tiny antennas assigned to individual subscribers and sends them to the subscribers’ mobile devices. On Tuesday a federal appeals court in New York turned down the networks’ request to rehear their demand for an injunction to halt Aereo’s operation, pending a trial of their copyright-infringement lawsuit. A spokesperson for Fox, one of the plaintiffs, said after the ruling, “We will now review our options and determine the appropriate course of action, which include seeking a hearing in the U.S. Supreme Court.” NBCUniversal issued a statement to Broadcasting & Cable magazine saying, “We will continue to pursue legal action to stop unauthorized services from profiting from local stations’ programming without permission.” Aereo also faces separate lawsuits by stations in each of the cities it has entered, which include New York, Boston, and Atlanta.