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The CBS eye will go blind over Time Warner cable systems today (Monday) barring a last-minute breakthrough in negotiations between the television network and the cable system. While broadcasters have traditionally had the upper hand in dealing with cable providers over retransmission consent agreements, BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield said in a note to clients on Friday that he expects Time Warner to win this battle. He points to the fact that despite CBS’s claims to the contrary, nearly all of the new programming that the network is carrying this summer will continue to be available to Time Warner subscribers if they also receive Internet service from them. (They’re also available to anyone who subscribes to any other ISP.) Such CBS shows as Under the Dome, 60 Minutes, Big Brother and 48 Hours are all available online (and require no authentication). Even many of the CBS shows that are currently in rerun mode until the new season starts in September are also available online. Moreover, in New York, CBS’s biggest market, anyone can sign up for the new Aereo service, be online with live CBS programming in a matter of minutes — and they won’t have to pay a cent for the first month of service.(After that it’s just $8.00 per month.) Greenfield concludes: “We believe Time Warner Cable is much better positioned in this retrans battle than in many prior disputes with broadcasters.”