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France’s “three strikes” Internet piracy rule that authorized ISPs to disconnect persons caught downloading copyrighted media after being warned three times is no more., which tracks BitTorrent usage, reported today (Tuesday) that the French government has issued a new decree that has the effect of overturning the “three strikes” law (also known as the Hadopi law) and replacing it with one that subjects copyright infringers to a system of automated fines. The decision to do so, TorrentFreak reported, came after a nine-member panel headed by Pierre Lescure, the former chairman of Canal Plus, found that the law had shown little if any benefit to the media companies that it was designed to protect. The new law focuses on the worst offenders; others now face minimal fines. The Lescure report urged that the Hadopi authority be eliminated and France’s broadcasting regulator take over as the copyright watchdog. The government did not indicate when — or if — that recommendation will be implemented.