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The Hollywood High School choir, which calls itself H20, says they were set up to fail in an appearance on the upcoming season of Fox’s The X-Factor so that producer/judge Simon Cowell could humiliate and embarrass them. In an interview with the celebrity website TMZ, the 14 members claim that they were told that the two songs that they rehearsed could not be cleared, that they were not allowed to rehearse an alternative number, that they were only given four microphones, and that Cowell cut them off before they could complete singing their song because they were wearing street clothes rather than choir uniforms. (The group says that the show’s producers insisted that they not wear the uniforms.) The choir has demanded an apology. The show’s producers, however, have dismissed their complaint, telling TMZ: “The group had the chance of performing two songs for judges. … Certain songs cannot be cleared for use in the show and contestants … are asked to choose alternative songs if this is the case. None of the judges even commented on what the group was wearing.”