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Overseas, Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel added $52.2 million to its foreign gross, which now stands at $271.7 million. Together with its $248.7-million domestic take, the film flew past the $500-million mark to $520.4 million worldwide. IMAX screenings have accounted for $45.9 million of that amount. Some analysts are now predicting that the Superman movie will wind up with around $700 million. The No. 1 film abroad, however, was Paramount’s zombie thriller World War Z, which opened in another 25 markets. doubling the number from last weekend, and earned $99.9 million, to push the film’s overseas total to $135.3 million and its worldwide total to $235 million. Disney/Pixar’s Monsters University also performed solidly overseas as it took in $44.2 million in 37 markets. Meanwhile, Despicable Me 2 opened ahead of the U.S. in five markets, bringing in $41.5 million, $15.7 million of which came from the U.K./Ireland market alone. It was Universal’s biggest opening weekend ever for a film in that market. Despicable Me 2 opens domestically on Wednesday.