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Well, it wasn’t exactly like returning to those thrilling days of yesteryear for most critics viewing the latest version of The Lone Ranger — this one starring Johnny Depp, not as the legendary masked man but as his sidekick Tonto. Several reviewers go to great length to point out that it’s not what you might expect it to be — a family film. In fact, writes Mick LaSalle in the San Francisco Chronicle, it’s “a movie for the whole family to avoid — 2 1/2 of the longest hours on record, a jumbled botch that is so confused in its purpose and so charmless in its effect that it must be seen to be believed, but better yet, no. Don’t see it.” Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune notes that “at one point the masked man gets his head dragged through horse manure. Watching The Lone Ranger, you know the feeling.” And Lou Lumenick in the New York Post remarks that it “pours on untold Disney millions in special effects and stunt work in what blurs into one visual non sequitur that tries to bludgeon you into submission. By the time the movie careened into its third hour I was begging for mercy. ‘How could this be worse?’ John Reid asks at one point, a sentiment that will no doubt be shared by millions of moviegoers around the world.” But Rafer Guzmán in Newsday chalks it all up to over-ambition. “The Lone Ranger succeeds on all counts — perhaps too well,” he writes. “The movie is so imaginative so brimming with ideas that it can’t quite decide what to be.”