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Conventional wisdom is that viewers will not watch new dramas on broadcast television during the summer. (That wisdom apparently was generated from the same seers who maintain that most viewers will not watch anything except sports on Saturday night.) But last week’s success of CBS’s 13-week miniseries The Dome has challenged that assumption by attracting 13.53 million viewers to the premiere on Monday and 3.16 million more who watched it via their DVRs over the following three days. It was the biggest debut for a summer drama in 20 years, the New York Times reported. (CBS already had been assured of profitability for the series following a presale to Amazon Prime for streaming.) Other networks are planning to offer similar “limited” summer series this year and next. In reporting last week’s ratings results for The Dome, the Times commented that it was “only the first salvo in a network strategy to retake some summer territory” from cable TV.