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Until now, a TV series had to last at least four years — or about 100 episodes — on a broadcast network before it could be syndicated — and thereby become profitable. But a new deal announced on Monday between CBS and Netflix seems to indicate that even short-lived shows can be resurrected — via streaming services. CBS, which had avoided those services for fear that they would cannibalize their syndication deals, said that it is turning over to Netflix a number of shows that might not have sold well — or at all — in syndication. They include The L.A. Complex, a Canadian soap that aired for two seasons on The CW network, and The 4400, whose 44 episodes originally aired on the USA Network. In a statement, Scott Koondel, chief corporate content licensing officer for CBS Corporation, said, “Netflix is a key programming partner that is additive to our overall business, and we look forward to working with them in the years to come.”