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That cloud of dust kicked up last weekend by the great horse Silver may now cloud the opening of another megabudget film, Pacific Rim, which opens on Friday. With several analysts suggesting that audiences are becoming inured to multimillion-dollar special effects, the latest $200-million blockbuster, featuring a plethora of digitally created robots and monsters, may open with as little as $25-35 million, according to Daily Variety. Early reviews have been decidedly mixed. Joe Neumaier in the New York Daily News suggests that nine-year-old boys might “go crazy” for the robots and sea monsters in the movie, but if you’re “old enough to buy alcohol, Rim will “likely be as gripping as watching a Transformer toy battle in a bathtub with a rubber dinosaur.” Rex Reed in the New York Observer wasn’t even impressed by the film’s costly special effects. “I suppose some effort should be made to extend at least a one-star rating for computer graphics, since that is all this incredible waste of time and money is about,” he wrote, “but even the special effects are cheesy and stupid.” But Lou Lumenick awarded four stars to the movie in the New York Post, commenting, “This ultimate geekfest will remind you of at least two dozen earlier movies. And I loved, loved every second.” And Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune concluded: “It’s noisy, overscaled fun, this picture, and now and then a little poetry sneaks in to tantalize.”