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Pat O’Brien, the former host of the syndicated tabloid show Access Hollywood until he was caught up in a scandal, has agreed to appear on an Adult Swim series, Hot Package, that will spoof those tabloid shows. O’Brien, who was fired from Access Hollywood after he left drunken, sexually explicit voicemail messages on the cellphone of an unidentified woman, says that he has turned his life around after spending time in rehab and is delighted that he will be able to have a role on a show that ridicules the kind of shows with which he was long identified. “It’s almost juvenile to the point of being ridiculous. But it’s funny, and the fact that I’m there doing it is fun,” he said in an interview with “On this program, I am — as Jimmy Kimmel once called me — ‘the Walter Cronkite of crap.'” He also has written a book, he says, in which he spells out “what these entertainment shows did to pop culture — they ruined it.” O’Brien notes that he was “part of the invention of these entertainment shows. They went from being entertainment shows to freak shows. The problem is people will watch what you give them. And so these shows decided to instead of just talking about George Clooney and Brad Pitt and people like that, they end up finding the biggest freaks in the circus and portray them as news. … It’s madness; it’s insanity, and I had to shower and drink a bottle of wine after each one of these. But I was, again, a willing participant.”