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In a kind of “I was wrong, but…” statement, Rupert Murdoch has conceded that he regrets his “choice of words in that highly emotional meeting” with reporters at his Sun newspaper in which he said that the police investigation into their alleged telephone hacking was “incompetent.” The meeting was apparently recorded by a number of the attendees on their cellphones and subsequently leaked to the Exaro website. In a letter sent to Keith Vaz, chairman of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, Murdoch wrote, “I accept that I used the wrong adjectives to voice my frustration over the course of the police investigation. But I have been hearing for months about predawn raids undertaken by as many as 14 police officers, and that some employees and their families were left in limbo for as much as a year and a half between arrest and charging decisions.” In a separate letter to John Whittingdale, chairman of the Commons Culture and Media Select Committee, Murdoch addressed the controversy over his remarks that he was aware that paying police for information was “part of the culture of Fleet Street” (the onetime newspaper district of London). Murdoch wrote: “The ‘reports’ that I knew about, let alone tolerated payments to police, are completely false.” Murdoch’s letter was released on the same day that four of his Sun reporters, one of his ex-News of the World reporters and a reporter for the Daily Star Sunday appeared in court and ordered to stand trial on allegations that they had made corrupt payments to public officials.