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The Wolverine had its claws clipped as it opened domestically with an estimated $55 million, well below the $70-75 million that many tracking studies had indicated it would earn. It was also well below the $65 million that 20th Century Fox had conservatively predicted for its debut. In 2009, X-Men Origins: Wolverine opened with $85 million. Fortunately for the studio, which reportedly spent $120 million to produce the superhero flick, The Wolverine scored strongly overseas, where it debuted in every major market except China and Japan with $86 million, bringing its worldwide gross to $141 million. Despite the disappointment of The Wolverine‘s domestic opening, the box office was up some 25 percent above the comparable weekend a year ago, as moviegoers who sidestepped the angry clawman headed for movies they had missed in recent weeks. Last week’s No. 1 film, The Conjuring, was able to make about $22 million materialize. That was down 47 percent from last weekend, a modest drop for a horror flick. Even more surprising, however, was a drop of just 36 percent for Universal’s Despicable Me 2, which brought in around $22 million in its fourth weekend, taking it past the $300-million mark to $306 million. Another animated family film, DreamWorks Animation/Fox’s Turbo, dropped just 38 percent to about $13.3 million, bringing its total to $55.8 million. Despite that moderate decline, the film, which reportedly cost $130 million to make, still has a long — perhaps impossibly long — way to go to become profitable. Rounding out the top five was Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups 2, with approximately $9.4 million, re-establishing Sandler’s reputation as the $100-million man. (Last year’s That’s My Boy grossed just $36.9 million and 2011’s Jack and Jill, just $74.2 million.) The film has grossed $101.7 million after three weekends.

The top ten films at the box office over the weekend according to studio estimates compiled by
1. The Wolverine, $55 million ($86.1 international); 2. The Conjuring, $22.1 million; 3. Despicable Me 2, $16 million; 4. Turbo, $13.3 million; 5. Grown Ups 2, $11.5 million; 6. Red 2, $9.4 million; 7. Pacific Rim, $7.5 million; 8. The Heat, $6.85 million; 9. R.I.P.D., $5.85 million; 10. Fruitvale Station, $4.65 million.