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The message of the box office to studios this summer has been: if you’re going to put more than $100 million into a movie, your safest bet is to put it into a superhero flick. While a number of other mega-budget films, including After Earth, The Lone Ranger, White House Down, and R.I.P.D. have turned out to be mega-losers this summer, superhero flicks such as Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel have soared. They are expected to be joined this weekend by The Wolverine, which box-office pundits figure will open with around $70-75 million. That’s somewhat less than what the original X-Men Origins: Wolverine grossed ($85.1 million) when it opened in 2009, on its way to a $180-million domestic haul and $373.1 million worldwide. What The Wolverine has going for it is that nothing is going against it. It is the only film opening wide this weekend, and the strongest holdovers are animated family films aimed principally at the kiddies. Reviews have been decidedly mixed.