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Current Spider-Man Andrew Garfield has proposed — apparently half-jokingly — that his character be presented in an upcoming installment as bisexual. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Garfield said that during a recent conversation with producer Matt Tolmach about the Mary Jane character, “I was kind of joking, but kind of not joking about MJ. … And I was like, ‘What if MJ is a dude?’ Why can’t we discover that Peter is exploring his sexuality? It’s hardly even groundbreaking! … So why can’t he be gay? Why can’t he be into boys?” (A gay superhero may not be groundbreaking in comics but he would be groundbreaking in movies.) The EW article goes on to say that Garfield has even suggested to director Marc Webb the name of an actor who could play Spider-Man’s gay interest — The Wire‘s Michael B. Jordan. “He’s so charismatic and talented,” Garfield remarked. “It’d be even better — we’d have interracial bisexuality!” Jordan, who has not reacted publicly to Garfield’s remarks, makes his debut as a film star this weekend in The Weinstein Co.’s Fruitvale Station.