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Director Roland Emmerich was on hand for the Chinese premiere of his White House Down Wednesday night (China time) and told a news conference that he doubts Hollywood will be significantly refashioning its scripts and casting its characters to exploit the Chinese market. As reported by the Associated Press, Emmerich remarked, “There will be cooperation, there will be all kinds of stuff, but will it affect the movie so much? I don’t think so, because China doesn’t also want to only see movies about China, they want to see movies about other things in the world.” With its burgeoning movie audience, China has the potential to save Emmerich’s movie from financial disaster. Said to have cost $175-200 million to produce, White House Down has only earned $83.4 million worldwide. Neverthless, the movie will have to be a smash in China for it to recoup its costs. China allows foreign producers to collect just 25 percent of total ticket sales, the smallest percentage of any nation. Moreover, 2D films like Down don’t get as wide a release as 3D and IMAX movies do, and Chinese censors notoriously often make significant — and confusing — cuts to Hollywood films. But Emmerich told the AP that censors didn’t have a problem with White House Down, because, he said, it depicts “mainly an American crisis.”