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In limited release, Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine opened in six theaters with $612,767, selling out in virtually all of them. That’s an average of $102,128 per screen — the best of Allen’s career and the highest of the year for any film. (By contrast, The Wolverine‘s per-theater average over the weekend was $14,000.) The result immediately touched off speculation that the film could wind up out-grossing Allen’s most successful film, 2011’s Midnight in Paris, which opened with a per-theater average of $99,834. Critics have particularly praised the performance of Cate Blanchett, with several suggesting that she’s a shoo-in for an Oscar nomination. Michael Barker, co-president of Sony Pictures Classics, which distributed the film, told the Los Angeles Times, “When we first saw the film, we thought this was the kind of film that really has the opportunity to get some recognition. Not only for best actress, but the supporting players, Woody’s screenplay and the direction — even the picture. We’ll see how it plays out.”