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It was the British equivalent of Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” in 2004 that resulted in her nipple being shown on national TV during the Super Bowl’s halftime show for a fraction of a second. On Thursday, during the BBC’s Breakfast Show, a photo of Prince William was shown with some of his teeth blacked out, a goatee drawn on his chin, glasses on his eyes, a moustache over his lips — and a penis on his forehead. It was all part of a video shot by the comedy group Barbershopera to promote their satirical recording, “I Could Have Married Kate.” The BBC said that its editors had “failed to spot the offending material,” but viewers, who sent out a flood of tweets and Facebook postings, did not. Typical: “Just watching BBC Breakfast and they showed a pic of prince William with a drawn on willy on his head.” Said the BBC, “We apologize for this.” Commented Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald: “Someone at the BBC has an awful lot of explaining to do.”