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Samsung said on Tuesday that its 55-inch KN55S9C curved OLED TV is now available at retailers. Consumer Reports immediately praised it as “arguably the best all-around TV we’ve ever tested, with the highest overall picture-quality scores.” The OLED technology, the magazine said, provides such a significantly more realistic image that it “promises to be a game-changer that could one day push current TV technologies to the sidelines.” Surprisingly, Samsung knocked off $4,500 from the price it initially placed on the sets when it introduced them at the Home Electronics Show last month. Still, $9,000 is a steep price to pay for a TV — especially when two conventional HDTV sets of the same size can be purchased at many retailers for around the same price. (One feature of the new Samsung set is that two people can view separate 2D programs on the set simultaneously.) It is being introduced at a time when the home electronics industry is experiencing a sharp decline, and analysts have commented that truly innovative technologies are required to rescue it.