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We are approaching those “lazy, hazy days of summer” when movie studios roll out the films that could not have competed against the blockbusters that were released at the beginning of the season. has suggested that this could very well be the first weekend since last February that no movie grosses more than $20 million. Once again forecasters are hedging their bets on which movie will come out on top, with several predicting a close finish between the horror flick You’re Next and last week’s winner, Lee Daniels’ The Butler. Each should finish with around $10-15 million, they say. Sony’s The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones may be a wild card in the contest, however. It opened softly with $3 million on Wednesday, significantly ahead of The Butler, and while reviews have been terrible, the movie has a built-in fan base of readers of the book on which it is based. Nonetheless, it too is unlikely to collect more than $10-15 million.