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In the documentary Our Nixon, which aired Thursday night on CNN, the former president is heard on the secretly recorded White House tapes in 1971 lambasting All in the Family, which he stumbled upon after watching a baseball game. “And two magnificently handsome guys and a stupid old fellow in it, they were glorifying homosexuality.” Nixon aide John Erlichman then asks, “Was that a panel show?” Nixon replies, “Hell no, it was a movie.” Another aide, H.R. Haldeman interjects, “No, that’s a regular show. It’s on every week.” Haldeman describes the main character as a “hard hat” kind of guy and his son-in-law as a “hippy.” Nixon adds, “The point that I make is that, goddammit, I do not think that you should glorify on public television, homosexuality. You ever see — you know what happened to the Greeks? Homosexuality destroyed them. Aristotle was a homo, we all know that. So was Socrates.” Says Erlichman, “But he never had the influence that television has.” Nixon, warming to the discussion, continues, “The last six Roman emperors were fags. These are the enemies of strong societies. That’s why the Communists and the left-wingers are pushing it. They’re trying to destroy us.”