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Director Robin Hardy’s original version of the cult horror flick The Wicker Man has been scheduled to be re-released in the U.S. on September 27 in a limited number of cities. Until now only a highly edited — some say butchered — version of the 1973 classic has been screened in theaters and on TV. (A remake was released in 2006.) But earlier this year, Paris-based StudioCanal, which now holds worldwide rights to the movie, launched a campaign on Facebook to recover the scenes that had been removed from the movie. That campaign produced a response from the Harvard Film Archive, which said that it had a print of the entire 92-minute movie. A copy of the print was later shown to Hardy, now 83, who said that it was indeed the cut he had prepared for an American distributor in 1979. It was, he said, his “final cut.” He added: “It fulfills my vision.”