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In London’s Daily Mail, critic Christopher Tookey commented about the One Direction concert documentary This Is Us: “This pretty much defines the kind of movie that is critic-proof.” Actually, the personable young members of the group had nothing to worry about from the critics. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Most agree that the film amounts to mostly a slick package of One Direction tunes and that it depends almost entirely on the cuteness and charm of the five members. Writes Bill Zwecker in the Chicago Sun-Times: “The film is a successful witness to the great charm possessed by all five members of One Direction.” David Hiltbrand in the Philadelphia Inquirer remarks that the film plays out “smashingly,” the result primarily of “the easy charm and unflagging affability” of the five members. And Stephanie Merry in the Washington Post acknowledges that the movie “comes this close to convincing someone who routinely avoids the song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ at all costs that this quintet of skinny-jeaned heartthrobs has the coolest, cutest, nicest and most talented musicians in all the land.” Other critics are not easily won over. “It’s misleading to call this a documentary — fan fodder is more like it,” huffs Claudia Puig in USA Today. Likewise, Linda Barnard in the Toronto Star grumbles that “This Is Us is movie fan fare as slickly assembled as the manufactured English/Irish singing group itself.” And Miriam Bale in the New York Times seems utterly unimpressed, writing, “Only one plays an instrument onstage, and none of them dance well.” The movie itself, she remarks, amounts to little more than “a tame and somewhat fake documentary.”