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Twitter may give NBC a jump on live coverage of unplanned events as a result of its acquisition on Stringwire, an online service that enables video from smartphones to be streamed directly to the NBC News control room. According to the New York Times, the fledgling service, the brainchild of Phil Groman, a recent NYU graduate, combs through the messages of eyewitnesses to a news event, then sends out an alert asking the eyewitness to point the camera on their smartphone at what they are seeing. The videos are then vetted by NBC editors and can be put on the air before news crews arrive at the scene. “You could get 30 people all feeding video, holding up their smartphones, and then we could look at that,” Vivian Schiller, the chief digital officer for NBC News, told the Times. Even in the case of some planned events, she observed, “we might have reporters there, but they may not be in the right places. … They may not have the kind of access that eyewitnesses do.”