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A photographer for Britain’s Sky News was shot and killed on Wednesday as Egyptian security forces swooped down on a crowd of protesters seeking the ouster of President Mohamed Marsi outside Rabaa Al-Adawiya mosque in Nasr City. Sky News identified the photographer as Mick Deane, who had worked for the network for 15 years. In a statement, the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists called on the Egyptian government to “rein in the security forces and send a clear signal that journalists are not to be harmed or harassed as they try to cover the unrest.” Deane’s death followed reports of numerous attacks on journalists covering the Egyptian protests, including the killing of Egyptian journalist Habiba Ahmed Abd Elaziz. Reuters photographer Asmas Waguih was being treated for a bullet wound in the foot; Al-Jazeera photographer Mohammed Alzeky, for a bullet wound in the arm. Reporters also told of being arrested by security forces, taken to Cairo Stadium, and beaten, including Mike Giglio and Louis Jammes, American reporters for The Daily Beast. All said that their equipment had been confiscated and that they were released without being charged. Giglio tweeted: “Cops took my laptop, opened it on the scene. Then punched me in the head until I gave them the password. Laptop, wallet, cell not returned.”