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Two veteran broadcast news icons blasted the Obama administration over the weekend for its efforts to cover-up bad policy with tortuous PR. During his commentary on CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday host Bob Schieffer blasted “the linguistic hoops that the government jumps through to make the news seem better than it is.” Among other PR-speak examples, Schieffer noted last week’s decision to evacuate our embassy in Yemen because of a terror threat — something that the State Department called “a reduction in staff.” Concluded Schieffer: “If we want to cut the federal budget, why not start by eliminating the people whose job seems to be inventing these new words and phrases to make the news seem better than it is?” On NBC’s Meet the Press, former ABC Nightline host Ted Koppel also referred to the closure of the embassy in Yemen and other emergency evacuations, saying that it sent a message to each of the countries affected that “we don’t trust you” to protect our embassies. “The terrorists have achieved more with one phone call than we have achieved with all our response,” Koppel said. He added that in the name of fighting terrorism we have overreacted by spending $1.5 trillion on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and creating gigantic bureaucracies that include 57,000 people working for the TSA alone.