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August 8, 2013 by · 1 Comment 

When CBS stations went dark on Time Warner Cable on Friday, the network also blocked access to its website on TWC systems, thereby preventing viewers from watching the popular summer series Under the Dome on Monday. However, there were alternatives. Viewers in New York could sign up for the new Aereo service, which delivers broadcast TV shows over the Internet to home TVs and mobile devices. They could hook up an outdoor antenna or use the digital equivalent of indoor rabbit ears to receive the telecast. They could sign up for Amazon’s $8-a-month Prime Instant Video and wait until Friday to watch. Or they could turn to a BitTorrent (file sharing) site and pirate the video. According to, which monitors BitTorrent usage, “hundreds of thousands” of viewers took the latter course. Although Nielsen ratings suggested that Monday’s show lost about a million viewers compared to the previous week, piracy rates of the show rose 34 percent on Saturday and Sunday in areas affected by the download. TorrentFreak concluded: “While one should always be careful of drawing strong conclusions from city-based data, especially when we don’t know how many downloaders are Time Warner Cable subscribers, these initial results do suggest that the blackout resulted in a local piracy surge.”