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TiVo, whose name was once synonymous with digital home recording, is hoping to jump ahead of its competitors with a new line of DVRs called Roamio, which will stream recorded content to owners’ mobile devices. The devices will also allow users to watch or record up to six shows simultaneously and store up to 450 hours of HD-quality content. “It’s access to your content everywhere,” TiVo’s product management chief Jim Denney told Daily Variety. Added TiVo president and CEO Tom Rogers: It’s like “Roku, Apple TV, Slingbox, Google TV, your standard cable box — all rolled into one.” In an apparent effort to steer clear of expensive litigation with rights holders, TiVo will allow programmers to flag content that will prevent it from being streamed out of the home. Just how many programmers are likely to take advantage of the do-not-copy flags is yet to be determined. The Roamio recorders are expected to retail for $200 to $600, and monthly subscription fees are $15.