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Edward Snowden has denied that he was the source of an article appearing in today’s (Friday) London Independent that discloses that the British government is operating an Internet site in the Middle East that intercepts emails, telephone calls and web traffic “on behalf of Western intelligence agencies.” Snowden told Guardian writer Glenn Greenwald that he has “never spoken with, worked with, or provided any journalistic materials to the Independent.” Moreover, he suggests that he would not have disclosed such information publicly to anyone, and he infers from the Independent‘s report that the British government itself is attempting to “create an appearance that the Guardian and Washington Post‘s disclosures are harmful, and they are doing so by intentionally leaking harmful information to The Independent.” After publishing Snowden’s statement, Greenwald later updated it to note that he had received a tweet from the Independent denying that anyone in the government was the source of the leak. Commented Greenwald: “The Independent provided no source information whatsoever for their rather significant disclosure of top secret information. … One would think that they would not have published something like this without either seeing the documents or getting confirmation from someone who has: the class of people who qualify is very small, and includes, most prominently and obviously, the U.K. government itself.”