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At last — a popular television series that did not fade out into a twilight of controversy. Unlike the final episodes of The Sopranos, Lost, and, most recently Dexter, the finale of AMC’s Breaking Bad elicited much praise from critics and an overwhelming number of positive tweets from the Twitterverse. “The finale had all the winning elements: action, emotion, revenge and closure,” wrote Ree Hines and Anna Chan on NBC’s Today show blog. The New York Post‘s Michael Starr wrote that the series “finished its epic run Sunday night with a stunning finale that left no stone unturned.” Kate Aurthur’s review on headlined that the episode “Set the Bar for All Series Endings to Come.” It was, according to Mary McNamara in the Los Angeles Times, “the first recorded … perfect finale in television history.” And Alessandra Stanley, in a nearly 1,000-word review in the New York Times wrote: “Perhaps the best thing about the finale of Breaking Bad is that it actually ended. So many shows, notably The Sopranos and Lost, have gone dark without anything approaching finality. Here, the writers were so determined to not leave unfinished business that the last episode was called ‘Felina,’ an anagram of finale. And almost every loose end was tied.” Except one, she concluded. It was still a “mystery,” she wrote, why the main character, a talented chemist, “turned his back on fame and fortune and became a humble high school chemistry teacher.”