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How will Disney deal with the fact that it will not have a Pixar movie to release in 2014? Disney chief Robert Iger was asked that question during an interview on Fox Business Network on Tuesday. Iger appeared to shrug off the interviewer’s implication that the decision to delay Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur to 2015 would have a “$200-million impact on the company’s revenue line.” “First of all,” Iger replied, “you think of the impact on the bottom line, not just the revenue line, and you deal with the situation in one very simple way. It’s all about quality, and if you feel that you’ve got some issues in terms of making the kind of film that people expect when the Pixar name is on it, then you wait, and you make sure you’ve got it right. And it would be far worse for us to force a film on the marketplace that was subpar from a creative standpoint than to delay it. And if we delay it, if we come out with a great film six months later, no one is going to remember that it was delayed, [but] if you come out with a bad film early, everybody is going to remember that it was a bad film.”