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Hollywood is moving far too slowly in its courtship of the Chinese audience while domestic filmmakers are moving aggressively to produce a “new breed” of quirky, risky movies that are drawing audiences away from Hollywood product, according to Janet Yang, the producer of such films as The Joy Luck Club and Shanghai Calling. In an interview with Reuters in Beijing, the Long Island, New York-born producer indicated that she had been following the numerous Hollywood press releases touting studio plans to form partnerships with Chinese filmmakers, but in fact, she says, “the studios are not doing that much right now. … I’ve never seen so much talk about things with so few results.” Yang indicated that she understands why delays have occurred. “It’s two different systems trying to come together, so a lot of dating and few engagements and marriages but probably more on their way.” In the meantime, for the period from January to June of this year, domestic films outperformed those from Hollywood by 65 percent — a reversal of the situation a year ago. And with bigger audiences for Chinese films has come better quality, Yang suggested. “I really am impressed with the quality of films that have been coming out in just the last couple of years,” Yang said. “I understand why people are going.” Nevertheless, over the past weekend, the No. 1 film in China was The Wolverine, which opened with $18.17 million, months after its July opening elsewhere.